Text Messaging Considerations For Lawyers and other Professionals

In today’s digital age, many clients desire to communicate with their lawyer by text message. Text messages offer a quick and concise medium for communication. However, for the lawyer they can be fraught with peril. A practitioner must weigh issues of privacy and confidentiality against convenience.

To provide your clients a secure means of communicating by text message, consider foregoing the stock texting app on your cellular telephone for any of the encrypted text messaging apps available.  Your client will take comfort in knowing that their sensitive communications are protected.  Many of these applications also offer a feature that deletes the text message from the recipient after an elected period of time.

FOUR DO’s When Text Messaging Clients

-inform your client to consider downloading a secure encrypted texting application to communicate with you.

-consider the sensitivity of the information being texted and inform them of the deleting text feature available on many encrypted texting applications.

-investigate the effectiveness of the application you chose to be sure it supports end to end encryption utilizing the latest technology.

-encourage customers and clients to utilize secure deleting messaging applications internally as well, to avoid their messages potentially becoming evidence in the case of  litigation.

By following these simple steps you can provide your client with suitable and convenient platform for communication.

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