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Asset Protection

In today’s litigious environment business owners are likely to be sued. Additionally, while individuals are living longer the need for nursing home care is ever increasing. Our unique approach to asset protection combines a Trust with a Limited Liability Company to maximise the security of your assets. Contact us to understand the benefits of our...

Business and Corporate Law

Often individual business owners seek to shelter their personal assets from the exposure associated with lawsuits and judgments. Incorporating or forming a Limited Liability Company may offer the protection required.

Child Custody

When two parents don't live together, a formal child custody agreement ensures that both parents are able to play an active role in their child's life. If you are pursuing custody or visitation rights, you need an experienced attorney like Robert Rohrbaugh II on your side.

Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges is scary. You are facing the potential of jail time, loss of employment and a disruption to your family life. Even finding out you are under investigation can cause undue stress. Whether you have been arrested and charged with driving drunk or you find out you are being investigated for drug charges, the first thing you need to do is contact a competent criminal defense attorney.


Property division, child custody and support payments: Even when couples agree their marriage cannot be salvaged, these issues are often areas of contention in all divorce proceedings. A skilled family law attorney can help make sure your rights are fairly represented and that your children are well-cared for both emotionally and financially.


If a lawsuit seeking money or other damages has been filed against you Attorney Robert J. Rohrbaugh II can assist you in formulating an aggressive defense. It is important that you contact us immediately so we can protect your very important rights.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Auto Accidents Have you been injured in an automobile accident?  Insurance companies represent their interests.  We represent your interests.  Attorney Robert J. Rohrbaugh II can guide you through this difficult process.  Contact us for a risk free consultation to determine your rights.

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