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Facing criminal charges is scary. You are facing the potential of jail time, loss of employment and a disruption to your family life. Even finding out you are under investigation can cause undue stress. Whether you have been arrested and charged with driving drunk or you find out you are being investigated for drug charges, the first thing you need to do is contact a competent criminal defense attorney.

Driving Under the Influence Charges

Many people are unaware that Ohio law states that those who refuse testing could still face DUI/OVI charges. Section 4511.191 of the Ohio Revised Code provides law enforcement officers the right to test a suspected drunk drivers blood alcohol levels. Refusal could result in a driver’s license suspension or arrest based on the law enforcement officer’s observations. These may include slurred speech, erratic driving or a smell of alcohol. Any person arrested on a DUI/OVI charge is automatically subjected to an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) as well as facing misdemeanor charges.  These charges could result in jail time, fines and the requirement of installing an ignition interlocking device. You should contact an attorney immediately as you will need both criminal representation and representation for the administrative hearing.

Ohio Misdemeanor Charges

Even a misdemeanor charge could result in jail time and fines. Assault charges, possession of small amounts of marijuana or robbery charges will have long-term repercussions if you are convicted. Even if a charge appears on the surface to be a minor charge, you will have a criminal record you will have to explain the rest of your life. Even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, any misdemeanor charges you are facing need a competent criminal defense attorney to fight back.

Ohio Felony Charges

Felony charges mean more serious consequences. A felony conviction could mean you will have to petition to have your firearms rights restored. While you are in jail, you lose your right to vote. After your release, you may also be ineligible for various government programs including food stamps, support for families and housing assistance. You could also be barred from applying for student loans. Jail time is certainly a far more worrisome outcome; a criminal defense attorney is your only option for avoiding a conviction.

Never risk your freedom because of criminal charges. While some charges may seem minor, the risks associated with a conviction are serious. Contact Atty. Robert J. Rohrbaugh II LLC at 330-781-0250 when you are facing charges. He’s an experienced and competent criminal defense attorney who will fight hard to preserve your freedom.

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